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About Track Our Plows

Using the District’s Automated Vehicle Locator (AVL) system, you can see where DC snow plows (as well as contractors’ plows and rental plows) have traveled throughout the city. The map indicates where plows have been within the last 12 hours (these streets will appear blue) and where they were more than 12 hours ago (these streets will appear gray). You also can get weather information, key points about the snow/ice removal program, and DC traffic camera views. If you are using a mobile device – smartphone or tablet – the system will identify your location through your GPS. If you are using a desk computer, you can enter your address or any other to see where the plows have been.

Explore the AVL application.

Track Our Plows: Click on the search icon then enter the address where you want to track our plows.

Menu: Use the pull-down three-bar menu to learn about the snow/ice removal program, get local weather information, your role when it snows, and visuals of streets captured by traffic cameras.